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Coaching & Mentoring

Welcome to our Coaching & Mentoring page where you will learn a bit more about our coaching and mentoring services, including some of our methods.  You will also find some tips from our coaching playbook (DIY-DEI), which are two to three-minute audio insights that can guide and give Diversity and Equity direction to your week.  You can also read testimonials from some of our Kins.


Our coaching approach is motivated by your specific needs and objectives.  We listen to your position and to your Diversity and Equity goals.  We explore the more fundamental changes you are seeking to move through and create pathways to access them.  


D&E can be very personal, it opens up our vulnerabilities and asks us to express them and work with them, often in places we least want our ignorances exposed.  Here at KinSite we understand such dynamics and so we carefully structure methods that care for such positions while progressively achieving the set objectives.

Office Meeting


Our Mentoring services, though similar to our coaching approaches, is geared towards individuals or groups that might be further along in their D&E pathways but still need assistance from time to time.  We often refer to it as Consultancy and Coaching combined.  It marries these two services but in a less hands-on way.


One of the key benefits of receiving mentorship is the personal attention and directional referencing that often accompanies such relationships.  It is a partnership with a clear objective, to have the mentee arrive at a more secure and professionally sound stage.  Here at KinSite we take pride in our mentoring services, as we are fundamental believers in the practice. 

From Our Playbook

Weekly DIY-DEI

Do It Yourself Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is a way to get bitesize 'plays' from our Coaching Playbook.  They are intentionally short audio files you can listen to in the morning while sipping your coffee or in the evening as you drive back home from work.  The intent is to provide you with some tools you can start using immediately, at your own pace, to create socially just change in your personal social relations framework. Have a listen below and come back weekly for new addition.


The Backpack of Privilege

5 Backpack of PrivilegeArtist Name
00:00 / 02:51
Mountain Ridge

Friendtherapy and Antiracism

Friendtherapy and AntiracismArtist Name
00:00 / 02:25
Crystal Salt
6 Social IdentifiersArtist Name
00:00 / 02:33

Social Identifiers


Recording Your Biases

Recording Your Biases Full AudioArtist Name
00:00 / 02:50
Mountain Ridge

The Push and Pull of Sameness and Differences

The Push and Pull of Sameness and Differences KinSite CoachingArtist Name
00:00 / 02:47
Water Drops

Active Bystander

3. Active Bystanders KinSite Coaching FilesArtist Name
00:00 / 02:50

Gabriel Rodriguez, MEd

Teacher of Chemistry

The time I have spent with KinSite has been instrumental in me being able to identify and separate my assumptions about my students from their realities.  My coach, Antonio, was able to listen to my concerns and provide insightful and actionable suggestions that have helped me better access their needs thereby supporting them more holistically as they strive to meet their own goals.


Ella Rodriguez
Physical Education Teacher

I coordinated with several of my colleagues to implement a change in our institution’s hiring process that we hoped would result in a meaningful increase in diversity.  Antonio’s coaching style was helpful in educating me by asking thorough questions and making suggestions.  He did this to ensure he understood our goals as well as the purpose behind them.  I remain impressed with what he was able to draw out of me, a more precise resolution, particularly when I imagined what my colleagues and I were initially after.

Kwami Moreno Headshot.png

Kwami Moreno
United States Air Force Airmen

As an airmen in the Unite States Air Force, I've made great use of my coaching sessions with KinSite.  They have helped me better understand toxic behaviors, and the role active bystanders play in creating fair and responsible working environments.  I would recommend it for anyone seeking to have some personal accountability indicators to work on and move past; it's done exactly that for me!

Testimonials From Our Kins

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