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The clients we focus on serving are small to mid-size organizations, institutions, non-profits, start-ups, advocacy groups, community action groups, small schools, shops, and restaurants.  Our approach is geared more towards smaller-number, social working spaces where group work and lateral org-charts are the norm.  We are not a unit that works with large companies to create and implement large scale D& E culture work.  Our clients may need something more simple such as one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions for one of their employees or they may need a diversity & equity strategic plan that  accompanies a wider organizational mission plan, one they may be able to track themselves and monitor through their work structures. Such clients prefer a more personal approach to D&E work and invite change that is in keeping with their institutions missions and future aspirations while still attending to each individual's uniqueness. If you are wondering about compatibility, let's talk, there's almost nothing that can't be clarified over a good, open conversation.


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