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Services in Focus

Business Meeting

Introductory Consultation 


Selecting this service means you are interested in Diversity & Equity work for/in your institution or for your life's goals and objectives and would like to learn how KSCC can assist you.  We feel that in under one hour we can get a general gist of what your needs are, and you of our services and methods.  At the end of this consultation you should be able to better measure the compatibility of your needs and our services.  If in doubt to select this service, give it a try, it doesn't hurt to ask.  This service is free and we are sure you will walk away with much more than you walked in with!

In a Meeting

Strategic Planning Session 


Once you have met with us and spoken about your needs, the next step is planning the process that best works for you.  This service focuses on what we can do for your specific situation and intended outcomes.  We review your objectives and provide a breakdown of possible impactful steps.  This can be tied into your already existing strategic planning or it can stand alone as a D&E plan.  This conversation creates the initial schematic that will eventually become the agreed plan of action.  Though there is a time marker on this service, such a step is very specific and can run from as little as as 30 minutes to multiple hour meetings, it all depends on the size and scale of your needs.




KSCC does workshops/presentations/talks on many difference subjects and can organize such deliveries to fit your specific D&E strategic plan objectives.  Some of the subjects we cover are: Advocacy 101, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101, on Differences (learning, physical, geographical, spacial, experiential, creative), the basics of Empathy (KSCC specialty), Biases, Micro & Macro Aggressions, Belonging, Race, Privilege, Culture and Cultivation, Recruitment & Retention, Equity in Practice, Social Justice 101, as well as tailored subjects.  All such topics can be discussed in lecture room formats or small size interpersonal settings, one-on-one through coaching/mentoring or in groups formats.

Working Silhouettes

Coaching & Mentoring 


This service is for the individual or small groups that wants personalized engagement with D&E through ongoing meetings that are particular to their needs and can occupy a space that is more conversational and intuitive.  This can be as specific as a 5 session meeting to discuss an approaching work opportunity that can be better achieved though more D&E knowledge to ongoing advisory sessions for a D&E Director of a smaller institution.  This service can also serve sales companies that want to individualize such learnings to specific employees to better attend to wider group's social needs or schools that want to create affinity groups and be guided by a facilitator/advisor.  A typical session can be as deep of a dive into the rationale of certain toxic social behaviors to strategic small group D&E topic facilitation. The space is quite flexible as it's mostly directed by the individual's/small group's needs.


Pro Bono Work for Non-Profits


All the services mentioned above can be provided free of charge if you are in a non-profit that services communities in need / vulnerable communities.  This could be through medical, food, financial, social, immigrant, criminal, educational, and other such services that attend to individuals or groups with less means of acquiring needed services. If you feel you are in need of such services but don't have the financial means to access it, get in touch with us so we can see how we can help.


Curriculum Review for Educators


This service is for classroom educators who want to attend to the ever growing diversity in their classrooms and present information that is considerate of every student's needs and backgrounds.  Many curriculums, by way of standard approaches, are tinged with Master perspectives that still belong to the colonizer's narratives and have limited information of peripheral narratives which are now being centralized.  This can at times be a daunting task, as it's fast moving with constant updated information, but, nevertheless, a needed task for every classroom in today's education services.  If you are looking for assistance in reviewing your curriculum from a D&E focus, get in touch with us. Depending on the size of your curriculum and the content you are looking to cover, it can be as little as a one hour session or an on-going advisory process.

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