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8. The Death of DEI
  • Writer's pictureAntonio Da Veiga Rocha

Innovation is Motivated By Differences

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

There is a long history, both naturally and human made, of differences bringing about change and progress. One could argue that there hasn’t been any forward movement without a ‘different approach’. This concept and way of thinking is also true for the make-up of an organization. Differences stimulates thought.

Look at something that is not usual in your everyday and it makes you think. Those thoughts, depending on how much that ‘difference’ could impact your life, takes you on a journey that is different than the one you would usually take. From such a position you could be brought to look at your actions, duties, responsibilities, impacts, etc., in a different way, possibly, and likely, bringing you towards new forms and ways of looking at your work-related challenges.

Being conscientious about differences in the workplace, signaling them, attending to them, motivating them, and, even, creating them as purposeful distractors, can bring about the next innovative leap in your life, or that of your organization's. So, how can we do this? What methods are out there for purposeful ‘Differences’ planning? The starting point is You. How do you look at your everyday? Do you find yourself impacted, in some way, or somehow, by the structures in your life? Can you point to differences in your life, especially those that have given you different thinking possibilities, and different points of views? How can intentionality in such processes become part of your daily make up? Connect with KinSite Consultancy & Coaching if these questions intrigue you and you would like to engage in some possible answers.


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