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It can all begin here. KSCC is here to provide you with the support and information you need to make smart decisions for your social spaces, and reach the successes that can be seen and felt by all your staff and clients. Fill out the form below to get started.

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KinSite Consultancy & Coaching / Mentoring

Letter from the Founder

Diversity and Equity are fundamentals in any productive social environment.  They are wired into all our public needs and goals, written in almost every mission statement, included in founding documents, and very much part of our intimate family structures.  Yet, in our current society there are multiple veils being placed on the subjects of Diversity and Equity, many of which seek to distort what they mean and stand for. Such fractious debates look to remove the progressive arguments that have quite simply stood the course of time.


What we do here at KinSite Consultancy & Coaching/Mentoring is not novelty.  Historically, there have been many individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, etc. that have done this work.  They did it relative to their times and their abilities.  We are simply playing our part by providing services on this long and historical human practice.  We do this not just for the success of the companies of our clients but also for communities they represent and extend to, the institutions that inform us and give us direction, the families that neighbor us and those that make us.


For those of you that are seeking services, what we provide you is a sensibility about the subjects that are grounded in empathy.  We initiate our client-consultant relationships by first utilizing our wealth of knowledge on the practice.  We do this to understand your needs more fully, so that changes are not temporary but long-lasting.   We personalize work and deepen our clients understanding of such social-relational needs.  This in turn brings about a variety of productive changes, from increases of employee retention and client-to-brand affinity, to a social club’s internal cohesions or a family’s inter-relational framework of respect; the possibilities are endless. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and studying our website.  If you would like to learn more about me, click on More About the Founder below or learn more about our services by clicking What We Do.


We hope you have a wonderful day and look forward to serving your Diversity and Equity needs soon.





Lee Clasper-Torch
Teacher of Religion, Humanities, and Social Ethics, and recent Men's Engagement Coordinator for the Ten-Men Project and the RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Antonio is personable, thoughtful, and professional.  The men’s engagement work—through the Ten Men Project--that he and I have collaborated on together over these years has so well illustrated his large capacity for self-reflection and his willingness to re-imagine manhood... Immediately one is struck by his quick mind, his open and inquisitive heart, and his passion for concerns of justice and right relationship.  He has both a listening ear and an intuitive sense of when to offer a guiding bit of wisdom.  I can honestly say that he embodies the wisdom that “there is nothing so gentle as real strength, nothing so strong as real gentleness.

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